We went mad for Social September!


I’ve previously written about  Social September on Live a Little. As you all know, I took part last month raising money for the Reach Foundation.

I thought it would be a great idea to give a little update on how it went and share with you all how successful it was!

As part of Social September, I held a reconnect event for my birthday, where I had my closest friends come together and enjoy a delicious Pizza feast at the very hip, Mad Pizza in Darlinghurst.. For $25 we were given unlimited pizzas and salads and I can tell you, we ate until we could eat no more! I also had 22 cupcakes (Aye – 22 years old now!) made by the amazing Cupcake Bakery a mix of chocolate and vanilla. The crew then moved on to Lo-Fi, my favourite bar in Sydney, where we danced the night away!

I had everyone wear a silly hat, a pair of glasses or costume for the entire night and we had a absolute ball! With music pumping, drinks flowing and laughter everywhere, I know that everyone had a fantastic time.

I’ll share with you some my favourite snaps of the event:

By the end of September, I had managed to raise a total of $225 for the Reach Foundation, $145 donated by my wonderful friends at my birthday event – it’s a wonderful feeling knowing that you in some way or another, can help someone else, give back or be a part of a rewarding cause. So try it! Hold a dinner party, a high tea, a breakfast.. I promise you, it will hold so much more value if you incorporate a way on fundraising.

Like I’ve always said, some times it is better to give a little .. But as you can see in this case, why don’t you give a little and live a little at the same time? 😉

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