We dined en blanc..

Diner en Blanc is one of the most spectacular events I have ever attended. Ever year it blows me away. Visually, it’s unbelievable and logistically, unbelievable too.

To set the scene for you – thousands of people (all dressed in white) get together in a secret location (only revealed the day of the event), set up their own table and chairs, bring their own food and manage to sit in a grid like system. There are very strict rules of what we can and cannot bring – paper napkins are most certainly a no-no and everything must be white. We drape our own tables with fresh flowers, fairy lights or any creative way in which we see fit, drink wine and enjoy each others company. To start our dinner, we wave our linen napkins in the air and to cease our dinner, light giant sparklers. It’s elegant, chic and visually looks stunning.

This year was incredible. Despite heightened security and a bit of a wait to get into the venue, setting up our tables on the Opera House Steps was very special. Surrounded by the beauty of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and a cruise ship that had docked temporarily, it was one heck of a backdrop.

We dined on a cheese and salami plate, with fresh figs, dips and olives, followed by a gourmet quiche, handmade sausage rolls with salad and finished with a beautiful chocolate cake with caramel sauce. The table was designed and put together by my extraordinarily talented friend Gabrielle, the brains behind Style by Soiree.

What I love the most about Diner en Blanc, aside from being in friends company, is how happy everyone is Рeverywhere you look people are laughing, smiling and generally just having a wonderful time. I feel very special to be part of something so incredible. Until next year Diner en Blanc! Santé!

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