The Quest For the Perfect Tan


I think we can all agree that summer is finally here.. We’re a week in and Sydney has already seen some scorchers of days. It is so important to maintain a regular sun protection in your skin care regime. The Australian sun is savage at times, so sun block is a must. Since I shared my skincare secrets a couple of months bach, I figured I’d share with you my sun protection secrets and how I have learnt to maintain the perfect tan!

When it comes to my tanning, I certainly do get out in the sun to get my Vit D, but ultimately I am not a slave to the sun. I am slightly fairer, so I tend to stick to the tanning products when I can. Often on shoots or on film, it’s quite common for the client to expect you to have some colour – if you’re paler, sometimes you can look a little washed out on camera.

Now if you walk into David Jones, Priceline or even the supermarkets, you’re completely overwhelmed with all the tanning products on the market – with lotions, mousses, foams, sprays, creams and gels, it can get all a little too much. After trying and testing a number of products on the market, I have found the perfect combination to get you, the perfect tan.

Prep: Big Buffy by Lush
It’s so important to prep your skin before using any tanning product. I like to have a nice soak in the bath to really soften the skin, and then I use Big Buffy (22.95), a gorgeous body butter bar with ground almond, rice and beans to exfoliate all over. You need to wipe the canvas clean, so they say, so your tanning product goes on nice and smoothly. Big Buffy is amazing – it leaves your skin smooth, soft and never irritated. (It’s also important to note, when it comes to any hair removal, this always should be done the day before you start tanning to let your skin settle).

Tanning: St Tropez Bronzing Mousse, Bondi Sands Tanning Spray & St Tropez Tanning Applicator Mitt
So as previously mentioned, I have tried every product under the sun (ha!) and it has been a struggle to find my life tanning partner. However, I can stand proud with these products and never have to worry again.

St Tropez is one of the leading tanning products on the market. Having been around for a while, they recently went through a rebranding and have added a whole bunch of new products to their range. I still believe that their ‘Bronzing Mousse’ (120ml $39.95 and 240ml $59.95) is by far the best product for tanning I have ever used.
The colour you get is a beautiful olive tan, not that awful orangey-yellow colour, and the reason being, is when you initially use St Tropez, it comes out almost a green/grey. This acts as a great guide and you can really see where the colour is going. An amazing product, that never ever fails.

When it comes to applying the product, you need to invest in a ‘St Tropez Tanning Applicator Mitt’ (10.95). Since mousse is very fast drying – never ever use your hands (I’m sure you’ve seen someone who’s forgot to wash their hands post tanning – orange palms alert!). At this point, if you don’t have a mitt, I thoroughly suggest you wear rubber gloves to apply the mousse. However, the mitt does wonders, so I do suggest you invest in one. The mitt, slips easily on to your hand and blends the mousse evenly. The trick is to use big circular motions, starting from your legs up. Sometimes you do need some help getting your back done, but I have mastered the stretch, so I can just get there. The best thing about the Applicator Mitt, is that you can wash it in the machine and use it over and over again. A great little tool, that really makes my tanning life easier!

For things like the face, the back of hands and the tops of feet, it’s important to find a light product, that’s not going to cake you with colour. Another awful tell-tale of tanning is the white hands, and the tanning just the wrists. It’s so important to blend everywhere, and when you’re applying, you need to think where the sun would normally hit you if you were out in the sunshine tanning. So places like your face, the back of your hands and the tops of your feet do need to slightly get some colour. I recommend a spray for this, and I came across Bondi Sands Tanning Mist (19.95) a few weeks ago and was attracted by the amazing price, the fact that it’s made in Australia and doesn’t test on animals.

Basically I lightly spray my face, about 10 inches away, just so the mist falls slightly. Same with my hands and feet. Bondi Sands is also great to top up your tan after a few days – it’s lightweight and smells delicious with a coconut fragrance. A perfect (and cheap!) addition to my tanning family.

Moisturiser:  Coco Lotion by Lush
The one thing I have learnt in my tanning time, is how important it is to moisturise day and night! It can ultimately control the length of your tan and prevent looking like a scaly lizard as your tan decides to come off! Coco Lotion by Lush (22.95) is a beautiful product that you could just slather on all day long.

It’s lovely and soft, quick absorbing, light-weight and smells just a teeny tiny hint of coconut. As you probably know by now, I am a big Lush fan, and once again I can put my faith in this product. My skin is hydrated for 24 hours and my tan lasts longer than ever.

Sun Block: Le Tan’s Coconut 30+ Spray
Even if you’re wearing your tanning products out in the sun, please make sure you still apply your sunscreen! A limited few tanning products actually offer sun protection, and often consumers get confused. None of the products I’ve discussed here offer any sun protection, so please always apply.

Also made in Australia, the Le Tan’s 30+ Coconut Spray (16.99) is a fabulous little addition to the bathroom. Once again I am drawn by the delicious coconut smell, and the spray is a handy way of applying the sunscreen. Full of moisture too, this product is definitely a winner and will protect you from the suns harsh rays whilst you enjoy your beautiful faux tan!

I promise you’ll be impressed with all of the products I’ve mentioned – Tried, tested with a seal of approval! Next time you want to look like you’ve spent a week in Bali, try some of these products and live a little.. 

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