Tassie Special: MONA a house of craziness..


Controversial, in your face, a little bit quirky but downright awesome..

MONA (The Museum of Old and New Art), is one of the most obscure and bizarre galleries I have ever been to. With an eclectic mix of ancient antiquities, modern and contemporary pieces housed in $75 million dollar renovated structure, you guaranteed an experience that will shock you, make you smile or perhaps even disgust you.

MONA is located within the Moorilla winery on the Berriedale peninsula in Hobart. For $20, I got a return ticket on a ferry out to the site. You can get a bus or a taxi, but the ferry runs regularly and gives you the opportunity to see Hobart from the sea. The view was spectacular, and on the ferry you can enjoy a Tassie wine or beer and some scrumptious snacks (I opted for some cheese and biccies – but watch the prices, this is where they get you!) At the ticket purchase point, I also bought my entry ticket. For anyone who is a resident of Tasmania, entry is free but for everyone else its $20 and $15 for students (not sure how I feel about this?). Either way, it’s a relatively cheap day out and trust me, you will get your moneys worth..

When you arrive, you queue up and are given an Ipod and headphones. At the gallery, none of the explanations about the art work are printed next to the pieces – you have to use an application that locates the ones that are close to you for you delve further into the artworks. If you’re not technologically gifted, this can be quite confusing and often I missed out on a lot of them. But with interviews and quotes from the artists and all relevant information all coming at you from the Ipod, it is pretty cool and you can take your time listening, viewing and reading. I did find it strange though that everyone in the gallery was silent, with their headphones on and completely wrapped up in these little gadgets..

I’ve given you a sneak peek of what to expect – these are some of my favourite pieces that I saw:

As you can see, the works range from pieces 2000-3000 years old right through to live, interactive installations. Some of the works are very confronting, sometimes even off putting, but still an incredibly powerful and intriguing place. One of the most amazing pieces I saw was Sidney Nolans ‘Snake’ – the first time it has ever been shown publicly (no. 8 in my pictures). It was definitely my favourite and the sheer size of the room was enough to make you feel very tiny.. Very cool experience.

Like the Salamanca Markets, the MONA Gallery is a must if you’re visiting Hobart! Be prepared and make sure you go with an open mind.

You can reach MONA by ferry, bus and taxi. Best way by far, is definitely by ferry, but I will give you a little tip. The last ferry is at 5pm and you have to book your spot. So bare that in mind if you’re going to stick around.

Get ‘artspired’ and live a little..

Soph X

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