Tassie Special: Enjoy some sweet treats by Kate!

Kates Berry Farm

“A unique and very sweet Tasmanian treasure..”

Pete and I accidentally found Kate’s Berry Farm whilst road-tripping, it was approximately 3km away from Piermont, the retreat we were staying at. If you’re staying anywhere around Swansea, make sure you check this adorable little treasure out.

With everything from tea, scones, jams, chocolates, dessert wines, sweets and treats, you can definitely feed your sweet-tooth cravings! Having been established since the late 80s, Kates Berry Farm has developed a reputation as a must visit when in Tasmania.

When you step inside the cafe, everything is warm and cosy. With lots of eclectic bits and bobs around the place, dressed and decorated beautifully, you feel right and home. I ordered a pot of English Breakfast tea and some scones. With a huge selection of jams to compliment, you are spoilt for choice. I opted for blueberry and strawberry, which were DELICIOUS. The scones were crumbly and the jams – sweet and very tasty!

Whilst you’re enjoying your snack, you are blessed with a beautiful view of the farm and further right out to the Great Oyster Bay  and the Fraycinet Peninsula. One of the most breath taking views I’ve ever witnessed.

With a huge selection of jams and relishes, it’s  a must to take some home with you. Kate offers everything from, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry.. The list goes on! You can have a little taster too. Kate also makes lolly sticks and
hand moulds some delightful little chocolates – my favourite were the solid fish!

Kates Berry Farm is a wonderful little tourist attraction and I wish her all the best with her farm and cafe. We were incredibly looked after and our food was simply delicious. A lovely way to spend a lazy afternoon, living a little!

Keep an eye out for my next Tassie special! 😉

Soph X

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  • Reply Jay Nicholson August 26, 2012 at 1:35 am

    Hi Sophie,
    I hope you remember meeting us at your folks’ place last year. We’re in UK at the mo but will be in Central Coast/ Umina Beach for three months from December to March. I found your blog and have been very interested to see what you’re up to. I think it could be a useful way of keeping us in touch with Australian culture. So good luck with the blog. Loved the cheeky little video interview! Only one criticism so far: is it that Australian language trends seem to follow US English, but “Outside of Sydney” is so wrong grammatically. “Outside Sydney” is all that’s needed. “Outside of” is two prepositions. I know Americans use this form but us Brits are resisting the creeping transatlanticism of our language.

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