Sunnier Side Up

One of the most frightening statistics I’ve ever heard, was that every 40 seconds a teenager commits suicide. I know it’s an incredibly confronting issue, we cannot ignore it any longer. We as a society, have a responsibility, especially for our teens.

I was very fortunate enough to attend the media launch of ‘Sunnier Side Up’ on Friday evening, held at the iconic Hugos Lounge. With over 400 guests in attendance, there was a positive vibe, knowing that we were all there together creating awareness around this amazing project.

So what exactly is Sunnier Side Up? Well, Sunnier Side Up is a feature length documentary film and a 28-part web series that flips the subject of youth suicide on its back – shining a light on the world of today’s teenagers and young people by illuminating their hopes and fears, struggles and successes, their dreams and ideas for a positive future. It’s revealing, honest and intends to inform as well as entertain in a very human way.

The triple threat (Writer/Producer/Director) Jay Richards has written, produced and directed short films, music videos and documentary web series, and worked as a TV editor. He’s been living and breathing this project for more than a year and spoke so passionately about it at the launch. “When I was teenager I battled with depression and tried to take my own life. Unlike millions of young people the world over I was fortunate enough to get through it, recover and go on to live a happier, successful life.” he says. To hear a little bit more about the film, click here.

So the launch is over – what next? Well, there are so many ways that you can support Sunnier Side Up.

1. See the film!
2. Make the pledge to stop suicide by making a small donation here. You’ll even be rewarded for your donations, depending on how much you donate (too cute!).
3. Join the social media bandwagon to stay up to date. They’re on instagram, twitter and facebook.

As you can see, I’ve personally made the pledge to end youth suicide. So please join me and do the same. I am really excited to see the film and best of all, it’s completely to free to watch. Using the power of social media, the documentary will be shared, shedding the light on a controversial, but important issue.

Give a little, live a little and be a part of the ‘Sunnier Side Up’ movement!

Sunnier Side Up

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