September Beauty Picks!

September is my favourite month in the year. Why you ask? Well it might come across as slightly biased, but it’s my birthday month! Despite every year that goes by, I do enjoy my birthday. A little older, a little wiser (so they say…). Since I turned 25 in the last week, I thought refreshing, repairing and rejuvenating would the focus of my health and beauty picks this month.

Spot Medic | $14.95
Spot Medic is a teeny-tiny weapon of mass pimple destruction. You know that feeling when you can start to feel a pimple brewing ever so slightly under the skin? You touch it and it feels like a football is manifesting itself under your face. Before you know it, it’s red and starting to emerge. Spot Medic to the rescue. These little hydrocolloid gel plasters are designed to zap those pimples away. All you need to do is apply to the pimple and wear overnight. You’ll wake up the morning with a less red, less swollen pimple. So how does it work? Well, the little plasters are non-breathable and made up of non animal derived gelatin, pectin, carby-methylcellulose and other polymers that promote wound healing! I’ve used these little superstars a few times over the past month and I can honestly say they really do work.

Naturamin Brain Booster Tablets | $35.99
It’s well past halfway when we reach September and sometimes we feel a little drained and exhausted by this point in the year. This is why I am loving Naturamin Brain Booster tablets. These scientifically formulated supplement tables are full of neuro-enhancing ingredients and assist in stronger memory, sharper focus, better cognition, higher levels of productivity and overall greater mental energy. Taken daily, with food, these tablets are a sure way to get you refocused and back on track.


Scentcillo 5 Essential Oil Box Set | $105.00
You can never underestimate the power of essential oils. Used for thousands of years, oils can awaken you, uplift you, relax you or stimulate you. Applied to certain parts of the body or gently warmed, essential oils are truly magnificent. The essential oils from Scentcillo are inspired by various aromas from around the world. In the 5 pack, there is ‘Oracle’ a blend inspired by the Oracle of Delphi in Ancient Greece, ‘Tango’, a floral scent combined with ylang ylang, palarosa and tangerine that creates an almost passionate and energetic aroma, ‘Shaman’ a refreshing and stimulating scent inspired by the Amazonian jungle, ‘Starlet’, a truly feminine and elegant scent that takes you to old fashion Hollywood and finally ‘Greek Island’, a fresh and invigorating scent that momentarily transports you to the Mediterranean. There are no synthetic or artificial fragrances in Scentcillo’s essential oil blends, with their products packaged in recyclable dark blue glass bottles to protect the essential oils from UV light.

Ivadore Tanning Treatment (120 ml) | $48.00
I love tanning products. I still stand by the fact that fake tan is the best beauty product to ever be invented. Given that I live in Australia and still so commonly see people cooking themselves in the sun, despite all the warnings, it makes me such a strong advocate of faux tanning. What is a cherry on top of the cake, is when you hear that tanning products are not tested on animals and are plant derived! A double bonus! Meet Ivadore, a natural and organic based tanning product that works a treat. Being so natural, it’s suitable for those with sensitive skin and is even suitable for the face. The product itself goes on really lightly, is super moisturising and has a subtle, but sweet smell. Colourwise, I came out a beautiful golden brown, nothing OTT, but certainly gave me a gorgeous glow. The only downside, if I had to point anything out is that you need to wait 8 hours for Ivadore to develop. There are many brands that are on the market that can develop in just 1 hour, but I still stand by and am loyal to those tanning brands that may require a little more time to develop – you’ve just gotta have a little patience!


All of these products are going to give you that much needed yes-I’m-in-the-ninth-month-of-the-year boost. I would be really keen to hear from anyone that has used Spot Medic, Naturamin, Scentcillo or Ivadore before as they were all super amazing products to try.

Live a little and always stay beautiful! X

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