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Being in an industry where physical upkeep and maintenance is a given, means that I have had to develop a very strong skincare regime. A number of my friends have asked me what products I use and how I keep my skin so clear – so I figured I’d let everyone know my secret – well not so much a secret anymore!

I am a huge fan of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics a globally recognised company that prides themselves on offering a range of unique and deliciously awesome cosmetics and bath products –  but probably most importantly everything Lush make is organic and 100% fresh! Creatively thinking up their own products, giving them a personality, Lush use a range of essential oils, fruit, vegetables and natural ingredients. From skincare, haircare, to bathbombs, soaps and more, Lush has the solution to any dirty problem you throw at them!

One of my favourite Lush Stores – QVB, Sydney

The amazing skincare range on offer at the QVB, Sydney.

There are so many fabulous things about Lush as a company and I was lucky enough to work for them casually when I was 16. It was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had and I will never forget working there. One thing I can take from my job, is that Lush genuinely stand by everything they state. Here’s 5 reasons why Lush is just plain awesome:

1. They don’t test on animals – never have, never will and this goes even further. Lush will not source ingredients from any company that test on animals. In fact, Lush work overtime encouraging businesses to stop testing on animals!

2. All ingredients are vegetarian and in some case vegan and as I stated before 100% fresh and organic.

3. A huge part of Lush is their focus on the environment and environmental issues. Everything from packaging, to ingredients, energy use even communication through the business is considered through an environmental view point.

4. On the note of packaging, more than half of Lush’s product range can be taken home with no packaging and Lush have saved nearly 6 million plastic bottles just by selling their solid shampoo bars.

5. Lush have a product called the ‘Charity Pot’ a yummy, chocolately, cocoa-ey hand and body lotion, where when purchased, all proceeds bar GST go straight to a range of nominated charities (fair trade, animal welfare, environmental, human rights). You can contact Lush directly here, and let them know of any organisations which you think should be helped!

Ok on with my skin care regimen..
Cleanser: Ultra Bland
Lush’s Ultra Bland is one of the most amazing products I have ever, I mean ever, put on my skin. It’s this very soft and very creamy cleanser made up of delicious ingredients including, almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey. Best way to use Ultra Bland, is with a tiny bit, rub over your face, then get a hot wash cloth and wipe away any dirt and makeup. I guarantee your skin will feel so soft. It’s amazing.

Toner: Breath Of Fresh Air
I use Lush’s Breath of Fresh Air after letting Ultra Bland do its magic. With Aloe Vera, Spring Water, Rosemary, Seaweed and Rose oil, your skin feels hydrated, soft and rejuvenated. It’s great for sensitive skin and a tip that the Lush girls taught me was to keep it in the fridge during the Summer months as the perfect mid-day pick me up!

Moisturiser: Imperialis
A rich and luxurious but an over all good value face cream. Once again, perfect for slightly oily and sensitive skin, you’ll see improvements due to calming lavender and brightening oranges. Smells beautiful due to the tigerlilies! You only need to use a tiny bit to feel Imperialis’ full effect.

Scrub: Ocean Salt
I use a scrub once a week – most skincare specialists will recommend not to go overboard with scrubs as they can dehydrate your skin easily. However, it is imperative to incorporate a scrub into your routine to get rid of dead skin cells that can build up. Ocean Salt is a great option as it’s a little more heavy duty and really does scrub your skin. When I finish using Ocean Salt my skin always seems to glow! Now, this may be due to the invigorating ingredients – sea salt, grapefruit, lime, seaweed, avacado and vodka! It sounds so fresh doesn’t it? Another tip I learnt from the ladies at Lush, is to use Ocean Salt as a hand and foot scrub – use once or twice a week for soft skin!

So there you have it! Sophie’s skincare secret – I promise you, if you are struggling with your skin, or you can seem to find a brand that you want to stick with, go into Lush and have a chat to one of the staff members. They will pick out precisely what you need dependant on your skin type – and if you’re lucky! You might get to try one of their scrumptious face masks!

I think Lush is an inspiring, dedicated and innovative company that truly do make amazing products that do work – it’s so rare to see global businesses that stand tall with integrity, honesty and truthfulness. Also, Lush provides employment here in Australia too, with their very own factory!

So make sure you head into one of their stores (list of stores in Australia are here) or check out their e-store online at

“Love yourself for who you are and take care of yourself – you’re beautiful and you should know it”

It’s so important to find your inner beauty. This can only happen when you can start to love yourself. How do we do this? By looking after yourself and making sure that every day you live a little!

Sophie X

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