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Tomorrow is the 14th of Feb.. That’s right, Valentines Day – some people loathe it, some people love it and I must suspect it might have to do with your relationship status. For those married or in a relationship, how Valentines Day runs, is a test to see if a) your partner remembered and b) how creative they can get.  I am personally in relationship, and must admit I do get a teeny tiny bit jealous of the single girls when it comes to Valentines Day.. The unexpected delivery of roses from a secret admirer, love notes left in the office or perhaps as far as a dinner date with a new suitor? It’s much more exciting, thrilling and well – it’s always nice to know your wanted. But with ups and highs, there are downs and lows. Valentines Day can be often a depressing day for many, as to be point blank – you can end up with nothing. No roses, no chocolates and no love notes.

I figured the best way forward is to expect not a lot. I know that’s very cynical of me, but if you go in head first in to Valentines Day with low expectations, you might end up pleasantly surprised. And to be honest, if the ladies put in a little effort too, the love will certainly be evenly spread. I’ve come up with some creative ideas to tackle Valentines Day a little bit differently – ideas for couples and those who are single.

1. Chocolate Bouquets from Lollypotz 
I love this company – they take the typical flowers and chocolates and smash it into one – chocolate bouquets! Yes they do the typical romantic, Valentines Day pink and red, teddies galore options if you’re into that type of thing, but I really love the options for the boys. That’s right, ladies you can send your own chocolate bouquet to your husband, boyfriend or secret admirer. Lollypotz go one step further, and can even incorporate alcohol into the bouquets. I love the Bundy Box and the Jack in Black pictured below. Talk about turning the Valentines Day concept on its head.

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2. “How to get Along with Boys” stocked by the Iconic 
This is a fantastically funny parody advice book, explaining to the single ladies out there how to apparently ‘interact with men’. With tips of the trade, advice and situation plans, written from the perspective of the 1940s, you guaranteed to make your single girlfriend have a chuckle.



3. Personalised Alcohol from Brewtopia
These guys are amazing. I actually bought a case of beers for my boyfriend for his birthday and the best part about it, is that you can personalise the label completely – with messages, texts and even photographs. Brewtopia will personalise ciders, beers, wine, water bottles and even coffee. Could make a pretty neat Valentines Day gift and the perfect opportunity to tell your Valentine how much you care about them!



4. Name a Star
How about the ultimate present? Imagine having a star named specifically after your loved one. The Powerhouse Museum and the Sydney Observatory enables you to associate a name with a star in their Sydney Southern Star Catalogue. The best part, is that  all available stars to be named are magnitude 6-10 and can be viewed through the telescopes at Sydney Observatory, and from anywhere in Australia or the Southern Hemisphere.  Personally I think this is one romantic gesture, but it would certainly get the message across! 


5. Off the wall date ideas – Taronga Zoo, Moonlight Cinema and Sydney Aquarium
Don’t bother with the ordinary – take your special someone to experience something truly unique. Dinner dates are always lovely, but that’s the standard, it’s what is generally the expectation. Lift that expectation and I promise you whether you’re happily married, in a relationship or perhaps in the wooing process, your partner will be pleasantly surprised.

Taronga Zoo, Mosman
Animals are cute – everyone knows this! You might even be lucky to see animals in love too, which creates a special ‘aaaahhh’ moment. I love Taronga Zoo. It’s well kept, the animals are wonderful and there is a huge variation of creatures. Further more, Taronga Zoo work with conservation and environmental protection- something I am very passionate about! And since being in located in Mosman, whilst you’re walking around the park, you can always see stunning city and harbour vistas. Very romantic!

The zoos open from 9.30-4.30pm and admission at $44 for adults.


Moonlight Cinema, Centennial Park
Another take on the classic Valentines Day choice – yes a cinema is a great option, but a cinema outside is even better! Just think – blankets, pillows, gourmet picnics and perhaps a bottle of champagne too? You’re guaranteed a romantic evening. Just make sure its a romantic comedy and not a depressing drama or slasher film. May kill the mood just a little bit!

Session begins at 8.30pm and it’s $32 (for Gold Grass!) and $18 for normal admission.

Sydney Aquarium, Darling Harbour
Take your partner to explore the world under water – with beautiful coloured fish, turtles, penguins and the amazing dugongs. The best part of Sydney Aquarium, are the giant glass tunnels that you can walk through, giving you a view from all different angles. Definitely something a little bit different in my eyes and your partner will certainly remember this date!

The Sydney Aquarium is open from 9.00am-8.00pm daily and is $38.00 for entry.

Come on guys, live a little! It’s not too late to organise something special for your loved one – and hey if your single, keep your fingers crossed because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. It might just be your lucky day.

Happy Valentines Day from Live a Little Xx

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