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A leisurely hour and a half north west of Sydney will take you to the gorgeous little town of Richmond – home of the Sydney Polo Club. Blessed with beautiful weather on a gorgeous Sunday, it was a perfect day to watch The Grand National Show Jumping Competition for 2012.

I was invited as a VIP guest with my agency Adpro Management Group and was so excited to be a part of this exciting event. It appealed to me especially, as I absolutely love horses and actually competed professionally in show jumping as a youngster – couldn’t wait to be a part of the competition again.

The Sydney Polo Club is made up of 500 acres of grounds, houses 6 international standard polo fields and 2 arenas. It is common during Spring and Summer for regular polo competitions to take place as well as dressage and show jumping competitions. Offering a very different vibe to the races, Sydney Polo Club is still very refined and classy but the overall feel is a little more relaxed and casual. The Polo Club offers lessons to avid riders and their beautiful grounds can be used for a variety of functions – corporate, weddings, birthdays and even location shoots. Spanning it’s history right back to the late 19th century, The Sydney Polo Club is the first to ever exist in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Grand National Show Jumping Competition took place over the Saturday and Sunday with a range of divisions – Senior, Junior, Young Riders, Amateur Riders and Young Horses. With pop up marquees dotted along the side lines, there were places to sit and enjoy the competition, stalls to purchase goodies and a range of food outlets. The VIP section sat between the Silver and Red arena and gave everyone the perfect spot to enjoy the competition.

The VIP tent offered a range of delicious beverages including wines from Mount Pleasant Estate, beers from the Sydney Brewery and water from Santa Vittoria. A gorgeous lunch was provided just before the big competition of the day. It was truly a relaxing and exciting experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and if you’re looking to change up your weekend day outs I really do recommend heading down to The Sydney Polo Club. Next time I’m there I would love, love, love the opportunity to watch a Polo match! Or if you’re interested in getting involved in the equestrian industry or competing, The Sydney Polo Club would be a fantastic point of contact.

Try something a little different guys & don’t forget to live a little..

Sophie x

PS. Congratulations to all the riders who received ribbons on the day.. If you’re reading this, you’ve brought back my love of horse riding immensely. Looks like I’ll be hopping back in the saddle very soon!

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