It’s about love when it comes to the Holden Cruze!

You can learn a lot from someones driving habits, can’t you? Are you a control freak? Do you suffer from road rage? A speed demon? Or are you more comfortable being driven? Did you know that 73% of Australian men prefer to be in the driving seat, with women just at 58%.

So imagine having your first date behind the wheel. Certainly a strange place to consider meeting someone for the first time, but that is exactly what Aussie car manufacturer Holden did. Parallel to the launch of their brand new Holden Cruze, the team held a very interesting social experiment based on the premise, “you don’t know someone until you drive with them”.

Held last Tuesday evening at The Bourbon, in iconic Potts Point, guests were treated to the unveiling of the brand new Holden Cruze, and witnessed Holden’s social experiment unfold. A number of singles were paired by Holden to attend blind dates in the new-look Cruze. Not necessarily, the most obvious or the first date choice by most I would imagine, the couples had set driving tasks to complete whilst navigating themselves to an end destination, all whilst trying to get to know each other AND handling the pressure of being put in a car together! Oh and I forgot to mention that the couples were filmed for the judges and guests to see!

Whilst the dates were shown on the big screen, each couple was scored based on their initial impression of each other, interaction throughout the blind date, overall chemistry and body language. Judged by relationships expert and psychologist, Dr. Peter Jonason and former Miss Universe Australia, Laura Dundovic, they had the task to decide which pair showed the most promise as a couple. In my eyes (and I think the judges too) there was a couple that really deserved to win and that was Loretta Jacob and Aashish Chopra. Aside from being completely adorable, they really did seem to have a lot of chemistry, even sharing a kiss at the event!

You need to decide for yourself, which couple do you think deserved the prize? Watch all the dates here. But the victors on the night, Aashish and Loretta scored themselves a luxury weekend away in the Hunter Valley and the opportunity to drive the Cruze for 3 months!

So, you might still be asking, why exactly did Holden do this social experiment? Sean Poppitt, the director of communications of Holden summed it up perfectly, “the social experiment was a unique way of communicating Cruze’s strengths as a connected, feature packed car that would take away some of the tension points that traditionally play up between couples on the road.”

As for the car, it’s packed full of features and looks beautiful and you’ve got to see it for yourself. Now if you’re planning to purchase a car, certainly take the new Cruze for a test drive*.

Show the Holden Cruze some love!

*Love cannot be guaranteed, however driving a Cruze around may be able to help, after it is now a perfectly acceptable way of conducting a first date!

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