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I am so thrilled to be writing this post..  Another area that I will be exploring on my blog, will be that of interior design! I recently and very proudly purchased my first home and as you can imagine, my mind is running wild with design ideas, interiors and furniture options.

Right now, the house is a little worse for wear, with floors ripped up, the kitchen dismantled and doors removed, but over the next few weeks, very gradually I will start to see my perfect home come together.

I am so excited to be partnering with UK based wallpaper and wall decor company, Graham & Brown throughout my project. The company was established in the UK back in 1946 by friends Harold Graham and Henry Brown, over time the company has grown and are now pioneers for providing beautiful options for your walls.

If you weren’t aware, it’s currently Graham & Brown’s National Wallpaper Week (5th – 11th) celebrating all that is great in the world of wallpaper, from its design, craft and heritage to how it can transform a space for even the most novice decorator in a matter of hour.

Each day, throughout the week Grham & Brown will be celebrating the ‘7 feelings of wallpaper’, with a different mood or design concept changing each day. So yesterday, the 5th, was all about the ‘Date Night’, so imagine passion, velvets, purples and rich textures and finishes. Today is ‘Calm’, so think tranquility, fresh air and creating a quiet sanctuary.

Going through each of the days, there was one specific feeling that hit me straight away and this was Wednesday’s. Inspired. In my home, I want to create a space that will radiate positive energy, somewhere where I can sit down at a desk and blog away without a care in the world. I’ve never had a study or workspace that is reflective of my personality and given that I do spend quite a bit of time in front of a computer screen, (you never would have guessed..) designing a beautiful, inspirational study space is definitely on top of my agenda. As Graham & Brown put it perfectly, “With four walls that envelope you in positive vibes, you’ll feel motivated to chase your dreams having spent an afternoon surrounded by this gorgeous theme“.

So after doing a little digging on Pintrest, here are three designs of office spaces that I think are beautiful and evoke exactly what Inspired is about.

From a wallpaper perspective I looked through various colour options on the Graham & Brown site and seemed to get drawn to greys. I am a huge fan of grey, whilst some people see it as dull, I see it as really calming and soothing, plus grey looks amazing with metallics, pops of colour, timber or just white. These were my final choices and the perfect way to start my Inspired space. 

From L - R: Bellagio White, Destiny Grey & Innocence Grey.

From L-R: Bellagio White, Destiny Grey & Innocence Grey – all are Superfresco Easy.

Bellagio White – This ultimate stylish concrete design adds a touch of urban to your home for a cool sophisticated back drop in any room.

Destiny Grey – This grey wallpaper would look fantastic in any room. Whether it’s covering a whole room to make your furniture stand out or simply highlighting a fireplace or feature wall.

Innocence Grey – A beautiful ombre mica sweeps through this tranquil natural twig design wallpaper, underpinned by a delicate calico fabric effect. This grey wallpaper design is subtle enough to use across an entire room whilst still making a real design statement.

I thought it would be fantastic to put together a mood board on how I might dress my study space to work with these beautiful wallpapers. In my head I envisage a mixture of greys, black and timber, with a touch of greenery and copper. Naturally the room needs to feel spacious and light but not clinical.

Rope light - World Effect, Desk, Cactus Canvas Print & Pillow - Zauni, Notebook - Kikki K, Chair & Desk Clock - Target, 'Be the Best You can Be Print -, Candle - Cocolux, Potted Succulents & Wooden Letter Holder - Ikea.

Rope light – World Effect, Desk, Cactus Canvas Print & Pillow – Zauni, Notebook – Kikki K, Chair & Desk Clock – Target, ‘Be the Best You can Be Print –, Candle – Cocolux, Potted Succulents & Wooden Letter Holder – Ikea.

I am really interested in hearing how you’ve treated your study space. What has inspired you? Would this be a sort of design you’d like? Do you have any design tips for me? I am truly excited to start my renovating project and for all my friends and followers to be a part of my design journey. I will certainly be sharing with you all the results over the next few months.

And as I always say, get inspired & live a little!

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