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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Social September launch down at Mezzaluna in Potts Point and I must say, it was one of the coolest parties ever – and the best part? It’s all for a great cause.

Getting ‘social’ at the Social September launch!

Now I have been notoriously guilty of relying on my iPhone, iMac and my iPad (Wow!) to allow for safe navigation through the social sphere. I’m sure you all have to and I  think sometimes it’s good just to slowly put down the mobile and think about  just how much we do rely on technology. Whether it’s for work, leisure and now more than ever socialising, technology has consumed the way we live and our entire existence. Now, I am not here to be the technology police, but the Social September launch really brought home the whole concept and well, turned it on its head.

Social September are challenging everyone out there to either disconnect or reconnect and all funds raised will support The Reach Foundation enabling more young Aussies to get involved in programs that promote and inspire connection and build self esteem and worth.

Could you go a week without Facebook? Not use Twitter for a month? Turn your mobile off for a day? Ban texting for a fortnight? Do you think you do it? Or, are there old school friends that you’ve barely seen since graduation? Does your family live interstate? Are there mates out there that you’ve neglected the past few months and you keep saying to yourself “I must catch up with them” or “It’s been too long..”. Well this is your chance to challenge yourself..

All you need to do is head to and register as a ‘connector’ or ‘team’ and decide whether or not you’re going to disconnect or reconnect.

Disconnect – a personal challenge to reduce your use of technology.
Reconnect – host/attend a face-to-face fundraising event to connect with people around you.

Being my birthday in September, I am going to host a birthday dinner with my friends (some I have not seen in months) and whilst celebrating turning 22, raise some money for The Reach Foundation.

What are you going to do?

Support a wonderful cause and get involved, because as I always say, sometimes to live a little, you need to give a little..

Sophie x

PS – Don’t forget to ‘like’ Social September on Facebook and follow on Twitter @socialseptember

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