For the love of lipstick..

The one rule that my Grandma always said? ‘Never leave the house without some lipstick on’.

I must admit, I always have something in my handbag for my lips – perhaps not always a lipstick, but a balm or gloss. For some people they feel naked without their mascara or bronzer. For me, it’s something not on my lips. I have to have something in arms reach.

Between you and me, lipstick can make such an impact. It can suddenly lift someone, give them a completely different look and can even finish off an outfit. However, I do understand that lipstick can be quite frightening… All I need to say is lipstick on the teeth and smudging?

The three golden rules I’ve learnt when it comes to lipstick wearing are:

  • Never apply lipstick to dry or chapped lips. The colour will always grab to the dry parts of your lips and looks uneven. Get into the habit of exfoliating your lips (I recommend Lush’s Popcorn Lip Scrub.. Delicious and does the trick!). Giving them a good scrub not only removes the dead skin, but brings blood to the surface, giving the appearance of plumper and fuller lips!
  • Always use a nude liner underneath – not only does this prevent the lipstick bleeding, but creates a perfect base where your lipstick will wear for longer.
  • Blot blot blot – I always use a Kleenex or even just some toilet paper. After applying your lipstick, just fold your tissue in half, pop your lips on and smack together – it removes excess colour that could lead to smudging or bleeding down the track. Plus, with all that excess colour gone, you can apply a clear gloss to give your lippy a whole new look.

I challenged myself recently to be a little adventurous with my colours – I thought it would be good to try something different and road test some different looks.

The Nude | Number 235, ‘Warm me Up’ by Maybelline
The classic nude – you cannot go wrong! Perfect for day or night, nude is one of those colours that is a great way to get used to wearing lippy. This shade has a slight brown tinge through it, making it a gorgeous shade for Autumn.


The Coral | ‘Maui’ by Savvy – DB
A firm favourite of mine, coral shades bring a sense of warmth and colour to the table. I will admit I softened this look with a layer of foundation underneath and then a slick of lip balm, as I was wearing this for a day look.


The Pink | ‘Take me to NY’ by Chantel Rahme
This pink is bright and poppy and perfect for special occasions. There is no need for any other heavy makeup – in fact a slick of mascara and a simple base is all you need to make this colour stand on its own.


The Red | Number 645, ‘Red Revival’ by Maybelline
The classic red – how can you compete? A dangerous shade to master, but once comfortable, it’s a colour that suits all types of complexions. You’ve just gotta find your right red. For me I prefer a deeper shade.


I love that lipsticks can bring out all the different facets of ones personality – wearing a deep red can represent something so different to rocking a bubblegum pink. I also love that choosing your lipstick can be like finishing off your outfit with an accessory. Whether you’re wanting something subtle or something daring, there will always be a shade out there for you. Don’t be frightened! I want to challenge you to try a new colour – go bold and live a little!

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