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Endota Spa | Organics Range | Live a Little

On my radar at the moment, is natural beauty. Nothing over the top, just really simple and really clean. Heavy makeup, contouring, dark heavy eyes… it’s getting a little repetitive. I am loving the barefaced look and a much more relaxed approach to beauty. As for beauty products, the same goes – simplicity is key. Products that are full of goodness, with no chemicals or nasties. At the end of the day, you want the product to do what it says on the label and know that the ingredients are really going to make a difference. If you’re on the same wavelength as me, then let me introduce you to the latest range from Australian spa brand, Endota Spa, their organics range.

From an aesthetic point of view, I am in love with their simple, yet beautiful packaging. Neutral, yet striking, the range would look stunning placed together in a bathroom. Nothing is overbearing and for once, the packaging isn’t in your face. But enough about what the range looks like.. what are the products like and do they work?

Endota Spa | Organics Range | Live a Little

Sugar & Seasalt Spa in a Jar | $50.00
You can never go wrong with a body scrub, it is the best way to reinvigorate your skin or prep up for spray tan. This scrub is a combination of sugar and sea salt to really maximise that exfoliation. There is a gorgeous scent of lemon, thanks to the lemon peel oil that is super uplifting whilst scrubbing away.

Coconut & Grapefruit Melting Body Balm | $55.00
I was taken aback when I tried this body balm. I was expecting more a cream/lotion texture, but actually it was more of a oil texture. This is normally something I would avoid, as I hate feeling sticky, but the balm soaked into my skin so quickly and it felt really soft. Very luxurious, so nice work Endota! 😉

Hydrate Me Mist | $30.00
This beautifully cooling mist is such a fabulous essential to have at your desk or tucked away in your handbag. By the time 3pm rolls around, my eyes are so tired from being glued to the computer screen. A few sprits all over your face, and you feel good as new!

Multi-Vitamin Treatment Oil | $45.00
My new best friend! Argan, rose hip and avocado.. pretty much a trifecta when it comes to maintaining that gorgeous glow. I have very sensitive skin that is prone to flaring when switching between products, but this treatment oil actually improved the overall texture of my skin. I apply it now every night before to bed and let me tell you it’s so nourishing!

Overall the Edota Spa organics range was a pleasure to use. Simple ingredients, simple packaging but outstanding results. The price point is a little high for some of the products, but if you’re going to spend, you might as well get top quality products.

Hopefully we’ll start to see more beauty brands taking a more stripped back approach when it comes to their offering and packaging! 😉

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