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After a whirlwind trip made up of four countries, multiple flights, plenty of driving and a wedding somewhere in the middle, in less than a month, I’ve made it. I am officially home.

When I think back to my first stop, Dubai it seems like ages ago! But going through my photos, all my memories of that magical place has come flooding back.

I spent just over 48 hours in Dubai on the way over to Europe. I figured a little stop over would break up the journey. Plus, I’ve never been and have heard so much about the place. My verdict? Dubai is incredible. Aside from it’s sheer size, which quite literally floored me when I arrived, it has everything. Shopping malls, day trips, beaches, bars, nightclubs, a marina, ice skating rink, indoor skiing centre, polo club.. The list could go on! And yet, has this amazing capacity to function in 35-50 degree heat.

So to start of my recent adventure, I figured a mini photo journal would give you an insight into my brief rendezvous with the Arabic state.

I stayed at the Park Hyatt Dubai. Since we were only there for a couple of days and the fact that we arrived so late I thought it best to pick a hotel not to far away (15 mins approx). The Park Hyatt is set right next to the Dubai Creek and Marina where you can sit out at the bar and be amazed by the hundreds of luxury yachts. In relation to Dubai City, the hotel is a little far away, but on the same token, it was so nice to be away from the hustle and bustle. The hotel itself boasts a gym, a beautiful pool, a luxury day spa, golf course, conference rooms and a range of restaurants. The rooms were big and very luxurious with all your typical five-star inclusions like robes, slippers, bath products, mini bar, pressing services and what not.

A range of restaurants and bars at the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club are also in walking distance. I highly recommend the Mediterranean Boardwalk Restaurant for a beautiful dinner overlooking the water and then partying on at the Cielo Sky Lounge. Aside from awesome music and absolutely stunning cocktails, Cielo looks like something from the future with it’s glowing blue lights, white furniture and sleekness. The rooftop terrace is accessed by a VIP lift and gives patrons a beautiful view of the Dubai skyline. On the bar note, another place you must make time for, is the 360 Degrees Bar in the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. In relation to our hotel, it was about a 20 minute taxi ride, as you have to head to the beach. And then you have to go through the hotel lobby, down past the pool, all the way down a super long boardwalk (heels so not recommended). But when we arrived, it was so worth it. The views are breath taking and if you’re wanting to get snaps of the super luxurious Burj Al Arab, then you can kill two birds with one stone as it’s right there slap bang in front of you. A perfect way to watch the sun go down over the Persian Gulf. Both an absolute must.

Attractions wise, we visited the Dubai Mall, went up the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa (half a kilometre in the air!) and visited the Gold Souks. All worth doing, but on the same token, it would be perfectly acceptable to just relax in your hotel.

So.. my Dubai tips?

  • It really is hot. I know people say, “oh I can handle the heat”.. but be prepared. Especially around midday and early afternoon. It can get blistering. Always have water with you. Dehydration is awful.
  • Don’t underestimate its size! Dubai is MASSIVE. It took us ages to drive from the Marina to the Burj Al Arab, thinking it was just down the street. If you’re wanting to get around the city, taxis are fine, but just be wary of how far you have to go.
  • Try a shisha. Although originating from Turkey, the staff in Dubai certainly know how to throw a shisha party! My recommendation, grape and mint flavour, but ask the staff to only put a little bit of mint. It’s perfectly acceptable in bars and a very social thing to do.
  • Be conscious of alcohol prices. Wine in particular. In some places, wine was costing us $35.00 Australian dollars a GLASS. If you’ve got the cash, by all means spend away, but just be wary if you’re on a budget.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend actually getting off the plane and enjoying a stop over as I had a really lovely stay in Dubai – it was new, exciting, bold and very different to what I expected. But I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the other Arab states yet, so next time would be keen to do somewhere new like Oman or Abu Dhabi to compare..

Keep an eye out for my next travel post, my love affair with London!

But in the meantime, live a little and get travel inspired! X

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