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La Premiere

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing ‘The Five Year Engagement’ starring Jason Segel and Emily Blunt on it’s opening night. In celebration, my friend Alex and I decided to check out the Hoyts ‘La Premiere’ experience at Westfield, Chatswood. To see a movie ‘La Prem’ style will set you back $70 dollars (includes two seats in that price, so $35 each) but.. is it worth the extra few dollars?

We arrived nice and early where we collected our tickets and were taken into a cosy lounge area, with a full bar set up and a giant popcorn machine. The staff member politely explained that popcorn and soft drinks were complimentary (Yes! – All you can eat!) and that we could order a range of alcoholic drinks (wines, beer, champagne, cocktails and soft drinks) at the bar. The wine by bottle, is incredibly expensive – at least $40 so we decided to stick with a couple of glasses of bubbly at $7.50 each. The staff member also mentioned that we could order from the vast food and snack menu, and could organise to have the food brought to us a later time whenever we wanted throughout the movie. La Premiere’s “enticing new menu selection” certainly did offer a range of snacks and meals with plenty of delicious options. Alex and I opted to share duck pancakes ($17), chicken spring roles ($12) and the dip selection ($16). We organised for our food to be brought to our seats about 10 minutes into the film commencing (which they did – bang on time!).

So once you’ve settled in ordered some drinks and food, loaded yourself with multiple tubs of popcorn, a La Prem staff member comes to fetch you and take you to your seat. Oddly though, you have to climb three sets of stairs (whilst carrying drinks, tickets, bags, popcorn x4), which I found to be incredibly awkward. But once you’ve completed tackling the stairs, the staff member escorts you to your seats. Yes, they are MUCH bigger, MUCH wider and MUCH more comfier. There is a lot more space around you. However, you can’t lift the middle part between your seat, so no snuggle time if you’re one of those types of couples!

I certainly felt a little bit more special going ‘La Premiere’, the service is definitely higher quality and a little bit more personalised, but the actual set up was a bit awkward. The stairs were a nightmare! You’ve got no hope if you’re taking with you snacks, wine, popcorn and soft drinks. The food was really tasty, but a little cold and the dip bread was far too crunchy. But overall a really lovely way to see a movie. Definitely keep it to special occasions, and guys (or girls!) if you’re opting a movie for a first date – DEFINITELY go La Premiere! Your date will certainly feel special!

Oh and on a side note.. The Five Year Engagement is hilarious! Really cute rom-com, again if you’re planning a first date, good option!

So next time you’re considering hitting the flicks, try ‘La Prem’ – and please let me know your experiences too!

Live a little,
Soph X

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  • Reply Katherine May 15, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    I’ve been wondering what’s so special about La Premiere! Thanks for the heads up and congrats on the new blog, I love the name!

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