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Guest Post | The Aesthetics of Health: The Link Between Design & Well Being

September 29, 2016

This a first for Live a Little, something that I have not yet done before. I am so excited to share with you my first ever guest post written by Chloe Taylor.. 

Have you ever asked yourself why some places make you feel good, while some rooms you just can’t wait to leave? The ties between design and health go much deeper than plain aesthetics: different colors, patterns, light, materials, and shapes trigger different physical, cognitive, and emotional responses. 21st century office ergonomics rest on this premise, and the link between design and wellbeing is also the driving engine behind innovations in the world of home décor. Based on numerous research and my own experience as an interior designer, home aesthetics impact wellbeing in multiple ways – and here are the top four design features which you should bear in mind when updating your interiors with good health in mind.

1. The green light of wellbeing designs

Light is one of the most critical aspects of habitable space, as it is a factor behind the visual and stylistic flow – but that’s not all it does. Sunlight is the healthiest luminosity source, and studies show that buildings that get abundant sunshine throughout the day have a beneficial effect on occupants’ psychological and physiological wellbeing.

Natural light can alleviate depression, keep premature bone loss and cancer development at bay, and increase performance and engagement at work. During my career, I learnt that eco-lighting such as LEDs and CFLs also impact wellbeing, resulting in fewer health problems than conventional bulbs, including lower headache, eyestrain, and fatigue frequency. For this reason, I always suggest to my clients give a green light to both your own health and the planet and opt for energy-efficient over standard lights in their homes and offices.

31 Lambeth Ave Armadale Vic 4143

Image 2 source:

2. Paint your health the right colors

Colours are the main feature of every décor, and they are another aspect of interior design that can make or break long-term health. For this reason, aesthetically pleasing interiors feature a balanced color palette structured around natural colors, while intense contrasts are employed sparingly to minimize visual stress.

Scandinavian designers are well acquainted with the power of colors: pastels, earthy tones, and neutrals boost the aesthetic appeal and they also have a gentle, soothing effect on cognitive and emotional wellbeing. Intense shades, on the other hand, stimulate the nervous system and are therefore often used in areas where dynamics, alertness, and energy are required. In my design projects, I aim to achieve a stylistic unity of toned-down hues and strong, and I usually resort to bright colors only as accents to increase visual interest.

Image 4 source:

3. Living in tune with Mother Nature

Another design feature that has a hand in human wellbeing, houseplants and organic elements add a dose of both aesthetic and literal freshness to décor. An unsoiled expression of natural beauty, indoor plants fight air pollution, boost mood, serenity, and self-esteem, reduce anxiety, stress, and symptoms of depression, promote stability, memory, focus, and sense of control.

In addition to its air purification and aesthetic properties, indoor foliage also doubles as energy stabilizer. In Feng Shui, houseplants such as bamboo, pothos, and orchids can help balance out energetic dissonances, harmonize relationships, promote energy flow, and cleanse negativity accumulated in solid materials. I often use indoor plants based on their energy properties so as to maximize the benefits for occupants’ physical, mental, and emotional health. To achieve energy stability and a fresh sparkle, add bamboo or lady palms, draecena, English ivy, or rubber plants to your interiors.

Image 5 + 6 source:

4. Sustainable designs for sustainable health

According to David Barrett Douglass, sustainable construction materials impact aesthetic value of interior design and wellbeing. During projects centered on sustainable design, I noticed that people tend to be less stressed when surrounded by natural elements compared to those who live in homes outfitted with equally beautiful artificial décor elements.

Buildings made from low-impact materials and furnished with pieces crafted from natural stone, wood, and clay have a soothing effect on energy flow and create a sense of aesthetic harmony more than their manmade counterparts. As Janine Bjornson says, upon entering a building made from and furnished with eco-friendly materials, the human body hits a deep energy undertone usually experienced in natural settings only. Swapping a synthetic over a  chic natural fibre rug is therefore a good start in greenifying your décor: replacing a manmade carpet with a sustainable alternative can dial up your home style, and your health as well.

Image 7 source:

Interior design isn’t just about aesthetics: carefully thought-out décors impact psychological and physical wellbeing. The next time you decide to renovate your interiors, pause for a second and reflect on the vibes you’re picking up from different design elements: you may be surprised just how huge a difference lighting, color, materials, and organic details can make.

Written by Chloe Taylor for Live a Little. She is an art historian, social media lover and a young blogger.


How to spend a Hens weekend..

March 6, 2016

So just over a week ago I travelled to beautiful Byron Bay for a hens weekend. My friend Sarah, is a week out from getting married and I thought it would be timely to share what we got up to. We stayed in a beautiful part of Byron Bay called Newrybar, in the Byron Hinterland. Newrybar was formed in the late 19th century and is just the most gorgeous little village, with shops and beautiful cafes lining the street.

Our house was absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful architectural features. There was art everywhere, with stylish furnishings and details. I was told that it was originally a General Store and had been converted to a gorgeous holiday home – it was large enough to house 13 females and I felt there was enough space. Aside from a giant gourmet kitchen, there was multiple bathrooms, 2 spas and the most divine salt walter pool.

As part of our hens weekend activities, my friend Gabrielle, the brains behind Style My Soiree, held a floral crown making workshop. I must admit, I thought floral crown making would be extremely difficult, but I was pleasantly surprised how well I managed to put mine together. I found the entire process extremely calming and it was one of my favourite parts of the weekend.

What was lovely, despite everyone having access to a limited range of flowers (I am pretty sure Gabs and I cleared out each and every florist in the Byron area!), each crown made was completely unique. Naturally, the beautiful bride-to-be’s crown was all white. It was the perfect opportunity to snap away and get some gorgeous photos.

Aside from getting to know everyone at the hens a little better, the floral crown workshop was a necessity – after all, donning our crowns was part of our hens uniform! As we hit the town on the Saturday evening, it was what tied everyone together – and what a sight we were! We received so many compliments, comments and a few looks of bemusement. I do recall even having photos with a number of tourists! So what was the end result?

I thought it was such a wonderful idea for a hens party and I had an absolute ball. Byron was just the most magical place to spend some quality time together. All though we were only there for the weekend, I came home feeling like I had enjoyed a week long holiday!

Now I’ve got the wedding to look forward to. The countdown is now on!


Is your Dad your superhero?

September 3, 2015

Every Dad dreams of having his very own ‘man cave’. A private space, where he is free from the stresses of the day-to-day, a place where he can escape for a while and regain his strength. Some of the best man caves in the world are modelled of those owned by superheroes. Whether he is a fan of the Bat Cave, Iron Man’s Stark Towers Penthouse or needs something a little quieter like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, Father’s Day is the perfect time for you to help Dad unleash that superhero inside.



I have put together my five picks for your Dad to begin to create his very own man cave, after all he’s your superhero and every superhero deserves a place where they can design their ultimate costume and clean their utility belt, sorry I mean, relax and recuperate.

1. Man Cave Chalkboard Print by Almond Tree Designs – $19.95 It is extremely important to establish the space and boundaries of the man cave. Dad will love this humorous chalk board print by Almond Tree Designs. He can hang it in his study, the garage or wherever he has declared in the home ‘man cave’ territory!


2. Brau Twin Wall Mug 500ml (Set of 2) by Avanti – $19.95 Naturally all superheroes need to hydrate themselves and these 500 ml mugs will be perfect for Dad and his sidekick to enjoy a cold one. They’re double walled for insulation maintaining the temperature, meaning Dad’s beer will stay nice and cold. Plus, they are dishwasher safe and come with ten years warranty.

twin mug

3. Zen Bean Bag Set by Epona – $189.95
A ‘man cave’ needs to be a laid back and relaxed space, where Dad’s stress and troubles can fade away. I can assure you, he will love lounging on his very own Zen Bean Bag Set by Epona. Crafted from PU Ostrich leather, the Zen Bean Bag Set is strong, durable but still superhero comfortable.


4. 746 Traditional Retro Rotary Dialling Telephone by GPO – $119.95
I am sure your Dad will remember the 1960s version of Batman. Just to put it into perspective, a typical episode usually began with Commissioner Gordon, along with Chief O’Hara contacting Batman about the peril that Gotham City is facing via the Batphone – a bright red telephone that provides a direct phone link to Batman. Well guess what? Dad can now have his very own Batphone! These vintage style phones by GPO are designed to look exactly like phones of the past whilst incorporating modern technology to ensure compatibility with modern telephone lines. So Dad can now fight crimes or order himself a pizza – his choice!


5. Chess Set – Small by Café Lighting – $279.95
Although Dad might not have the capacity to turn invisible, stop a bus in its tracks or fly to the moon and back, he can certainly work on his mental endurance and strength. After all, Dads have to endure work stress, family life and finances on a daily basis. The classic game of chess is the perfect way for Dad to challenge his brain whilst enjoying some personal time.


6. Attache Case Turntable/Vinyl Record Player by GPO – $199
The final touch to any man cave is a music system. I am sure Dad, given his age, will love this vintage style suitcase record player from GPO. Made of wood and bound in leatherette, this briefcase styled record player features a built in stereo so you can tune in without needing a speaker system. A USB is also supplied so you can record your favourite vinyl and enjoy it in digital format. How cool is that? Dad’s superhero inspired playlist might include, Snoop Dogg’s ‘Batman & Robin’, Black Sabbath’s ‘Iron Man’, Prince’s ‘Bat Dance’ or Queen’s ‘Flash’ – the choice is his!


But you better act quick, Father’s Day is just around the corner, but It’s not too late to surprise the superhero in your life. Make your Dad feel extra special this Fathers Day!


Be ‘geek chic’ with Firmoo!

July 31, 2015

I love fashion. But then again, which girl doesn’t? As the ever classic Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening..” What is wonderful, is that anyone can interpret the term ‘fashion’ how they wish. It’s interchangeable, fluid and completely subjective. With fashion comes accessories – the pièce de résistance and the final touch to an outfit.

One accessory that is often underrated or sometimes overlooked is eyewear – not necessarily sunglasses, but reading glasses! Once considered bland and geeky (especially when I was at school) eyewear is now a perfectly acceptable fashion accessory. Global brands, designers and celebrities have all rushed to be a part of the optical industry. Take Australian designers Alex Perry and Collette Dinnigan. Both have paired up with Specsavers, releasing their own beautiful line of eyewear. But, with these designer brands, come the designer prices. So often shopping for fashionable eyewear can become quite expensive.

I wanted to share with you my experience with Firmoo, the worlds most popular optical online store. What I love about Firmoo, aside from being able to order your lenses online is the fact that you can get that designer look for a fraction of the cost!


I’m wearing #F1018, a vintage style of lenses in black. These retail for $40.99 (Australian). 

Shopping Process
Shopping with Firmoo is super easy – all the styles are on site, so you can just browse through at your own pace. You can search by colour type, material, size, shape and price. Additionally you can shop in a range of currencies. There is even a super neat feature where you can upload your own picture and ‘try’ the glasses on.

Ordering Process
Purchasing your glasses is like purchasing anything online. It’s really simple and easy to use. In regards to your prescription you can either upload it or manually enter your prescription details. Payment is via credit card or your Paypal account. My glasses arrived within 2 weeks.

I know it seems odd purchasing glasses online, but there are so many styles and options on Firmoo you’re completely spoilt for choice. Plus, all the glasses are under $70, so you’re bagging yourself a bargain. You can keep changing your look as and when it suits!

I am loving my Firmoo glasses and if you’re a specs wearer, then I thoroughly recommend you have a look next time you’re wanting to update your eyewear. For those who don’t wear glasses, you can still shop their awesome sunglasses range.

Live a little and embrace your inner ‘chic geek’!


A tribute to summer as we say adios!

March 2, 2015

So summer left us this weekend. I must admit, I was pretty devastated. It’s Monday, the second day of March and instantly feels cooler, strange how that always happens?

I thought a photographic tribute would suffice as we say adios to the warmer months. I featured in this editorial a couple of years ago and when ever I look through the images, it just screams Aussie summer. I am not sure if it’s the bikinis, the surfboard or the quintessential beach location (we shot it at Bronte Beach) but I can remember Ashleigh and I having an absolute ball. We got to sun bake, frolic in the water and eat icy poles – a typical beach day that I know everyone loves.

I hope you find some summer solace in these like I do..

Until next time summer! X


Happy Birthday Adam Dixon!

December 13, 2014

I am a female that can certainly appreciate a little touch of luxury (I am sure you can too!). So when you combine beautiful couture gowns, with French champagne, silverwares and luxurious home pieces, it’s pretty hard to resist.

Last week, Woollahra based fashion, bridal and couture designer Adam Dixon celebrated his Queen St flagship stores first birthday. Undeterred by the Sydney storms, Adam’s guests were treated to a luxurious and intimate party to celebrate all his achievements over the past year.

Aside from developing a very strong reputation in the designer world, he has been in the industry for over 20 years, creating beautiful bridal pieces and ready-to-wear gowns. His off the rack dresses, ideal for a special occasion, bridesmaids or cocktail parties range from $400 to $1000 and his Couture wedding gowns from $3000 to $7000.

It’s the silly season and of course you’ll be attending parties galore. If you’re looking for a luxury piece to wear to your next Christmas function, then definitely consider Adam Dixon. Or perhaps you’re a bride and looking for a unique designer? Maybe you’re wanting to add a touch of luxury to your home or needing beautiful Christmas presents? Either way, the ever fabulous Adam will have you sorted for all your luxury needs.

Where can you find him?
90 Queen St, Woollahra, NSW 2025
02 8084 4455


You need to know Celia Kate & Co.

October 25, 2014

On Wednesday evening I had the pleasure of being the official MC for the launch of one of Sydney’s most beautiful designers, Celia Kate & Co. Held at the beautiful Henry Corbett & Co, in Woollahra, the intimate launch was the perfect opportunity to preview Celia’s collection.

Celia’s collection is one that is light, fresh and effortless. She has designed gorgeous pieces that can be transformed from day to night. Using raw tactile fabrics such as sustainable silk, cotton and linen, Celia’s collection is made up of little dresses, jump suits and beautiful kimonos.

Perfect for a hot and balmy day in the tropics, Celia’s pieces are designed to make you look and feel fabulous with minimal thought and expense. Aside from her clothing range, Celia also designs leather belts, wallets and key rings and also offers a unique jewellery line.

The fashion parade was relaxed and the perfect way to check out Celia’s collection. The models from the Sydney School of Protocol walked to a Stevie Nicks remix (Celia told me earlier that many people think she looks like Stevie Nicks!). Whilst enjoying the show, guests sipped wine from Mt. Ashby Estate in the beautiful Southern Highlands of Sydney and were treated to Henry Corbett & Co goodie bags. The show was an absolute success, with everyone singing praises for Celia.

It was a wonderful opportunity to be a part of Celia’s launch and she has a stunning collection, perfect for the up-and-coming summer months. So if you’re thinking of updating your summer wardrobe or adding some new jewellery to your collection, live a little and consider Celia Kate & Co.


The latest from Italy: Cruciani Bracelets!

November 11, 2013

“My motto is to go wild on the accessories – the belts, the hair clips, the jewellery” – Heidi Klum

I’d certainly have to agree with Heidi’s statement – I would say that my style is classic and I am not a huge fan of over the top and loud prints. I like sharp lines, tailoring and block colour. The best way to add personality to my outfits, is through my accessories. I love rings, dangly earrings and big statement necklaces. A statement piece of jewellery can completely overhaul and lift an outfit, taking it from casual to cocktail. The trick with accessories is not to go too crazy. In essence, Heidi has got the right idea, but my rule is you do not need to make too much of a statement – let it be said through one piece.

I was so excited when I heard about Cruciani Bracelets. Loved by countless of celebrities (including Miss Klum), the line of Cruciani Bracelets are simple, fun and can add a little pop to your outfits and other accessories. Made from lace, which is normally considered quite ‘daggy’, the bracelets seem to encapsulate the Italian culture and traditions. One of the most notable designs of the bracelets, is the lucky four-leaf clover. The four-leaf clover bracelet was an idea of Luca Caprai.

Alongside the four-leaf clover, the line now includes the “butterfly”, the “love and luck”,  the new “hearts”, the “Ponte Milvio” (dedicated to declarations of love on Rome’s famous bridge) the “dragons” celebrating the Chinese year  and “Mars” a wonderful tribute to the man who invented the future. Regularly there are limited edition lines too.

Channeling everything Italian and definitely one of the coolest accessories summer, you can wear your Cruciani with every outfit from beach chic to nightclub couture and everything in between. Mix and match designs or team your Cruciani with other bangles, bracelets or as I said before your biggest statement piece.

So where can you purchase Cruciani bracelets? You need to head to Miss Italy – where you can find your perfect piece! With a huge range of colours, you’ll be spoilt for choice! If you’re looking for  some new accessories to brighten up your summer looks, live a little and try a Cruciani! X


The flair of Adair!

October 28, 2013

It seems nowadays people are shopping for the latest looks online. I have worked with a number of  online stores – either by modelling for them or reviewing products and finally interviewing owners and founders. With express delivery, free postage and obligation free returns, shopping for your weekend look, race day dress or something to standout at a wedding, has never been easier.

I was introduced to the amazing online store, Adair Boutique a couple of weeks ago and started chatting with founder Ashley Casey. Queensland born, Ashley and her sister, Nadira run the incredibly successful online boutique from Melbourne and stock some amazing brands including Talulah, Elliatt and Ellie Zeitoune.

I caught up with the sisters to find out a little more about Adair, what inspires them and what spurred them to launch their online boutique…

When did Adair launch?
Adair launched in QLD in May. We are a new exciting business but made the decision to grow our store by moving to the big smoke Melbourne.

What spurred the launch of Adair Boutique?
Having worked 9 to 5 jobs since leaving high school, we both had not found our passion.  We’d always spoken about opening a store but it was always one of those things that was on our bucket list. We came back from a holiday in Fiji and New Zealand and we realized we needed to do something that we love, so we bit the bullet and went for it.  It took a lot of time, researching and planning and we’ve already learnt so much, we can’t wait to keep growing!

Given the substantial amount of online boutiques that exist, what makes Adair stand out from the crowd?
We are small and boutique and want to showcase our carefully selected designers, rather than flooding our store with tonnes and tonnes of choice.  We want people to come back and shop because they love everything!  We also want everyone to have the opportunity to express their individuality, and we feel our pieces really represent femininity at its best. We won’t shy away from florals and bold prints that make a statement.  We’ve also tried to keep our site clean and easy to navigate.. in past experiences with online shopping nothing frustrates us more than cluttered sites that require hours of sifting to find what we are looking for!

Who is an Adair Boutique ‘shopper’ and what is her style?
She is a sophisticated young woman with an edgy side.  She’s bold and confident yet exudes a coolness and flair for vibrant colours and geometric prints. She is basically just like us!  And as our own style grows and changes, the store will evolve with us!

What are you predicting to be the biggest trend this Summer?
Runways at the Spring/Summer fashion weeks were teeming with the beloved crop.. perfect for hot summer days or teamed with a sassy skirt for a more dressy night look. Running shorts are also hot right now!

What is Adair Boutiques point of difference?
We really care.. I think sometimes with online stores you can feel a world away from the workers on the end, but with us we try to be always be contactable, at any time of day or night we are willing to assist customers..  We want each girl to have a positive experience at our store and we are always willing to give them as much information as we can to assist them in their purchase.

Are you planning on stocking other designers? If so, who?
Most definitely we are the pipe lines of looking into a few designers at the moment. Hot favorite is Bec n Bridge & Shona Joy.

What makes you ‘live a little’?
Success and some good tunes – each time we set goals and not only achieve but exceed them, we thrive more and more.  We left our family, friends and lives back home in Queensland and the desire to prove to everyone, as well as ourselves, that we are succeeding makes everything worth it!  To keep us inspired on this journey our love of music never fails to pump us up day or night!

Ashley & Nadira Casey

Ashley & Nadira Casey

The girls very kindly sent me through the ‘Floral Paradise’ print dress by the stunning label, Talulah. I was really pleased with how quickly my package arrived and there was absolutely no issues with postage or delivery. I was really impressed by the gorgeous packaging and the extra effort that Adair put into presentation. In my package, they included their business card and a return form (which is super helpful, as sometimes we can’t always guess our sizing!). The purple theming was gorgeous – adding to the boutiques personality.

 My dress is gorgeous and fit me perfectly (thank you ladies – you nailed the sizing!). It was a perfect dress to wear for Sunday Sessions. I attended a friends birthday yesterday and teamed it with my nude pumps and my grandmother’s vintage clutch. The soft pastels are perfect for Spring/Summer and the soft floral print matched with the strong shoulders, made such a statement. I had plenty of compliments, with many people recognising the Talulah dress straight away.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Adiar Boutique is a must for anyone looking for the perfect party look – stocking some of Australia’s most anticipated labels, Ashley and Nadira know what women want! With the racing season in full swing and more summer events on the way, make sure you live a little and splurge on a brand new Summer look.

Adair Boutique

You can follow Adair Boutique on Facebook, Twitter and their Instagram, @adairboutique. 


Pedestrian.TV Ultrabook Blogster Awards!

September 10, 2013


I am so pleased to announced that my blog, Live a Little have been nominated by in the Design, Media & Tech division in their annual Blogster Awards! I am so overwhelmed and it is such an honour to be considered.

I (and Leo of course) want to thank all the readers, supporters, friends and family who have been a part of the Live a Little journey so far. I love writing, presenting, photographing and creating interesting content that everyone can enjoy.

If you would like to support Live a Little a little more, all you need to do is head to my profile here, and just press the ‘like’ button! That’s it! The judging panel consists of Intel, and a major media sponsor for each category (Mine is Desktop Mag!). They judge each blog based on the following:

25% Creativity and originality of content
25% Technology and innovation
25% Overall design and presentation
25% Audience engagement

There is the potential to win the category or even be crowed the Intel Blogger of the Year! What ever happens, I am so pleased that I am finalist. I want to wish all the other bloggers the best of luck!

Thankyou so much everyone and as always LIVE A LITTLE!


Spring/summer trends at the mbff Sydney..

August 25, 2013

It’s that time of year again, as we are fast approaching the warmer months. With a turn in the weather, comes a turn in the fashion. We swap our ankle boots for sandals, our court shoes for open toe heels, we start to see a little bit more leg, and it’s finally acceptable to wear maxi dresses.

But what are the trends for the Aussie Spring/Summer this year? i attended the trends show at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival last night at the beautiful Town Hall in Sydney, to find out the answer. I witnessed close to 200 Spring/Summer looks from the most influential Australian designers.

A selection of firm favourites that showed were, Romance was Born, to We Are Handsome, Camilla, Bless’ed Are The Meek, Camilla + Marc, Bec & Bridge, Alex Perry, Alice McCall and Shakuhachi.

We were also treated to an unexpected interruption during the Aje. show, as two anti-fur protesters jumped on the runway, with posters (see my gallery below). This did briefly cause a bit of an upset, but as always, in the name of fashion, the show went on.

I thought I’d show some of my favourite looks from the night:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was a fantastic show and I was so pleased to see so much colour and pattern! Cut outs and paneling was also a reoccurrence. Another trend, which I would be a little frightened of trying was the all white look – so crisp and clean, but I wouldn’t recommend spaghetti or a coffee if rocking the look. As always, the Fashion Festival ran smoothly, giving fashionistas the opportunity to preview the up and coming trends.

I want to thank Peta & Alex Morrison, from Morrisons, who kindly invited me along. I also want to thank my beautiful mother who accompanied me.

I hope you are all excited for Summer as much as I am, as the days get longer, the nights get warmer and the drinks get colder. There are plenty of looks to get you inspired! I am itching to add some brand new pieces to my wardrobe!

The warmer months are fast approaching (7 days exactly), so get ready, get inspired and live a little!


Intelligent Fashion for Intelligent Women

August 8, 2013

Many women are out there living busy lives – juggling families, partners, jobs, education, so sometimes, we can find ourselves stuck in ‘style rut’. What does one wear for work? If you’re in a corporate scenario, does that necessarily mean that you have to dress boring? How do you inject style into business? To find out, yesterday I headed down to the stunning Sir Stamford Hotel in Circular Quay, and joined a number of ladies for a fashion focused and elegant high-tea.

Hosted by the ever incredible celebrity stylist Kelly Smythe, hair guru Joh Bailey and makeup expert Raija from Napoleon Perdis, guests were treated to a fashion show showing some ways in which they can update their ‘corporate’ wardrobe from top to toe (hair and makeup too!). Kelly, and her assistant Akira took us through eight different looks on how to style high-end fashion for the office and whilst the fashion show was going on, Joh and Raija shared some of their industry tips when it comes to makeup and hair.

The event oozed elegance and style. Set in the Elizabeth Room at the Sir Stamford Hotel, guests were treated to a delicious high tea. We feasted on sandwiches, beautiful canapes, dainty chocolates, macaroons and personalised cakes (high heels and handbags). I was suggested to try the Rose & Vanilla Dilmah tea, which was delicious and did have one (or two) glasses of Moet!

The Sir Stamford Hotel is beautiful. Standing proud on Macquarie Street, with the iconic Opera House in the background, it is the perfect setting to  hold a high tea. Elegantly understated and dotted with beautiful antiques and furniture around the hotel, the Sir Stamford momentarily took me back in time. Famous for their high teas, you can spend the afternoon nibbling on cakes and sipping champagne in their beautiful bar, right in the heart of the city. I have been fortunate enough to stay in the Sir Stamford before and was blown away by their attention to detail, knowledgable staff and impeccable service.

We were all given a gorgeous red rose from Roses Only and went home with a wonderful goodie bag with gifts from Any Time Fitness, I Love Lola, Bx Earth, De Lorenzo, Simple, Napoleon Perdis and Corban & Blair. All the guests were spoilt rotten and I saw many women leaving with big smiles on their faces.

It was a magical afternoon, learning some tips from some of the best in the industry. Kelly is an amazing stylist, full of so much knowledge. The high tea was delicious and complemented the fashion show beautifully.

Perhaps this has inspired you to update your look, trying something new or treat yourself to a high tea.. Go on spoil yourself and as always – live a little!


ASOS: Kitty Madness

July 24, 2013


ASOS is one of the leading online stores right now offering a huge selection of fashion for men and women, shoes, beauty products and accessories. Best of all, they have free shipping in Australia no matter what you spend AND 10% off for students!

Now, as everyone knows, I am a little bit cat mad – I am the ultimate crazy cat lady! If I see clothing, accessories, home wares or art that involves anything to do with cats, the chances are I will purchase immediately.

After a little bit of browsing on ASOS, I was delighted to find out that they have a number of products with a cat design! I am sure you can imagine how excited I got (my order has already been made) and I wanted to share with you all (and fellow cat freaks like me) what’s on offer.

All products can be found at and many thanks to ASOS for the pictures.

As much as I want to put on everything in one go, the trick is to choose one focal piece – my advise is do not go OTT with the cat prints, otherwise it may end up looking a little costumey. Cat and kitty designs definitely add a playful and fun element to your wardrobe, so if you’re a cat lover like me, hopefully there are a few ideas here to get you started.. I am sure Leo will be thrilled when my delivery arrives!

Let me know which products you like – or if you have seen any other kitty inspired fashion on the internet, feel free to share!

Happy shopping & live a little..


Seduce Spring/Summer 2013

June 6, 2013

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Seduce Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Launch at the Japanese restaurant Crane Bar, in Potts Point. It was more of an intimate party, with all the stunning pieces on racks around the room, on mannequins or live models, so we could really get a feel for what the collection was like.

Every single piece was beautiful. There was so much colour and the designs were very fashion forward and on trend. With bright kaleidoscope patterns, contrasting shapes, neons, angular lines the collection was eye-catching and daring. Considering we have just hit Winter, and practically everyone dresses dark, dark, dark, it was wonderful to see so much colour (something I can finally look forward to when Summer hits – 178 days and counting!). I can honestly say, I would wear the entire collection.

With little garden chairs to sit on, and the indoor-outdoor courtyard dressed in gorgeous flowers, it really did feel like Spring again! We were fed delicious Asian canapes, including sang choy bow, teriyaki chicken skewers and sushi and sipped chilled champagne and the delicious H2 Coco, the latest coconut water.

Guests included fashion and lifestyle bloggers, fashion buyers, representatives and stylists. It was so awesome for everyone to be able to have a sneaky preview the collection before it launches soon!

Additionally, our goodie bags were amazing too! With product from Skinny You TeaModel CoOriginal MineralH2 Coco and of course, Seduce!

Many thanks to the amazing Seduce team for inviting me along, the event was beautiful, the food was beautiful and well, the collection was most certainly beautiful! I can’t wait to get my hands on all the pieces!

For my readers, keep your eyes peeled, the SS 13 collection will begin to drop in July, so make sure you check out Seduce’s website or head in store. Add some colour to your wardrobe!

Live a little,


HFB Bloggers Brunch

May 22, 2013

This morning I was invited along by the exquisite Kath Purkis & Kerry Osborn, to attend Her Fashion Box’s ‘Blogger Brunch’ at the very cool, The Grounds in Alexandria.

I have regularly talked about the Her Fashion Box concept on my blog (I am SUCH a fan!) but I thought I’d share what I got up to this morning.

Kath & Kerry invited a number bloggers along to hear about the business behind Her Fashion Box, what the concept involves and where Her Fashion Box was going in the future. We were treated to a delicious breakfast of poached eggs, tomatoes, ham, avocado and toast accompanied with one of the best skim lattes I’ve ever had.

It was a great opportunity to meet with other amazing bloggers and meet the brains behind the business in person.

Here are some snaps of the event:

If you haven’t heard of Her Fashion Box, make sure you check out my review here. It’s the most amazing fashion & beauty subscription service and the first of its kind in Australia.

Many thanks to Kath & Kerry and the Her Fashion Box team for inviting me along – I had a wonderful time and I am so pleased to be able to share the Her Fashion Box story with everyone!

In the mean time, keep your eyes out for some beauty posts, a restaurant review and for the first time in Live a Little history, some kitty related posts!