Best of Beauty – Christmas Edition

So we’re officially on Christmas countdown. With less than a week to go, it’s all about those last minute gifts. For my best of beauty December edition, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you some of my stocking filler picks and the added bonus? They’re all under $30!

1. Grown Alchemist – Intensive Hand Cream | $25.15
Every woman adores a hand cream. Given that it is a hand bag and desk essential, it makes it the perfect stocking filler. I am completely in love with the Persian Rose & Argan extract Intensive Hand Cream by Grown Alchemist. With a focus on ‘botanical beauty’, Grown Alchemist products are free from animal derivatives, synthetic colours, petrochemicals, silicones and all that nasty stuff that can be commonly found in so many beauty products. Aside from smelling divine, this hand cream is deeply penetrating and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling. Made up of Persian Rose, Tamanu Oil, Argan extracts, Pomegranate, Grape Seed Oil you know that you are applying something completely natural. I suffer from dry skin and found that despite being a hand cream, this was perfect to use as a body lotion – especially around my knees, ankles and elbows. So you’re keen to try or thinking it might be a perfect gift, well make sure you purchase from Activeskin. Activeskin is an Aussie e-store that stocks a range of beauty and cosmetic products.


2. The Body Shop – Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder | $24.95
If you’re still on the hunt for stocking fillers, you cannot go wrong with a bronzing powder. It’s my makeup essential – in fact, bronzer is the one product that I could never live with out. I adore this bronzer by The Body Shop. I am loving the shade 04 – the darkest that the Body Shop do at the moment given that we’re enjoying the summer months. During winter I drop back to 03. This bronzer offers a matte finish – perfect for those who do suffer with shiner skin (like me!).


3. Original Source – Vanilla & Raspberry Shower Gel | $4.40
I have been using this shower gel for quite a while and thought it would be perfect to include as a stocking filler. The one thing is the utterly divine smell. When you open up the lid, you’re hit with vanilla and raspberries! If you suffer from dry skin, then this shower gel is perfect. It’s super hydrating. As a extra bonus, it’s vegan too!

4. Model Co – Exfoliate Double Sided Body Wipes | $13.00
I stumbled across this product and was intrigued to give it a try and how it works. Normally if I was to remove fake tan and exfoliate my skin I would use a salt scrub. However, what was amazing was how much tan could be removed with these wipes. On one side, there are small bumps, which make the exfoliation really easy and on the other, it’s smooth, so you can wipe the fake tan away. For anyone that uses tanning products, I am sure you can all relate to those small stubborn patches that stick around your ankles, elbows and near your underarms. It’s so hard to get rid of, but this product is exactly what you need to remove them. You can use this product in hard-to-reach places like between your toes. Overall I was really impressed, but will combine the wipes with a body scrub to get an overall exfoliation This is the perfect little stocking filler for ladies that tan!


5. Lush – Latte Lip Tint | $9.95
You can never go wrong with any product from Lush. In fact Lush regularly feature on my blog – I am such a fan. This lip tint gives off a bronzey, natural tone and has just enough shimmer. It smells divine – imagine being in a coffee shop and getting the very faint whiff of a vanilla latte. The lip tint is a  blend of almond oil, organic jojoba oil and japan wax, giving you the perfect moisture boost, whilst giving your lips a little touch of glamour!


There you have it – my best of beauty for the festive season.. Take some inspiration from my picks and don’t worry you’ve still got plenty of time to get your shopping in.

Wishing you all the most magical Christmas and a glorious new year!

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