The Bali Diaries: Part Three – Villa Love

I am finally back online.. After coming home after Bali and literally moving in that day, it’s been a crazy few weeks. Between juggling work and uni, it’s been insane. I’ve finally been linked up with my Internet!

What a perfect time to be reminiscing about my incredible trip to the Indonesian island of Bali? It’s such a beautiful place with so much culture, atmosphere and colour. One of the hardest and most difficult decisions to make, is where to stay. With so many beautiful resorts, hotels and accommodation options, it can be a little overwhelming. Whilst I was in Bali, I stayed in a few different places, which gave me scope to try out some different accommodation. One of the most popular forms of holidaying, especially in South East Asia, is the private villa. I guess the main difference is the privacy. Unlike hotels, you are left to your own style of holidaying. Many private villas come with their own pools, meaning that you don’t even have to step outside of your own complex. Plus, you often get your own kitchen area, meaning you can cook your own meals and eat at your own leisure. Many of the villas offer a butler/chef service, so at any point in time, you can have delicious meals cooked just for you. Whilst I was in Bali, I stayed in three private villas – all were extremely different with their service.

1. The Seiryu Villas, Seminyak
Jalan Drupadi, Kuta, Bandung, Bali 80361

1. Loved the privacy – we were rarely disturbed and basically could have holidayed in the villa.
2. The bathroom door that opened out to the pool was amazing.
3. Loved the quirky decor that was dotted around the villa.
4. Service of food was fantastic – meals would be cooked outside of your room and brought to you. However, if you did want a chef to come in, that could also be arranged.

1. Whilst we were staying there, across the road there was a severe amount of construction going on and we had floodlights streaming into our villa until 11.00pm and banging and rattling until the early hours of the morning.
2. There is no ‘communal’ area – so if you like to meet people that you’re holidaying with, then this set up wouldn’t work. It’s very much designed for couples and honeymooners that want to relax.
3. The outside isn’t particularly wowing, so don’t judge a book by its cover!


2. The Elysian, Seminyak
Jalan Sari Dewi 18, Seminyak

1. The Elysian was a bit more of a hotel set up – there was a restaurant, bar conference room, communal pool area and spa.
2. We spent Valentines Day night there, and the staff went above and beyond to make it a special experience for us. They really do want to make your stay magical.
3. Loved the food. Breakfast in the morning was divine.
4. Had a bus service that could take you into town whenever you needed.

1. It’s really hard to find! It’s down lots of teeny tiny weeny streets. You can walk to Seminyak town, but it is a bit of a way.
2. It’s extremely expensive to stay at The Elysian and I felt that it was no more luxurious than the Seiryu, yet there was at least a $200.00 a night difference between the two.
3. If they are marketing themselves as more of a hotel, they could add a gymnasium, sauna and spa to justify the high villa rates.
4. You can’t cook your own meals in your villa – you can have a chef, dine in the restaurant or head out into town.


The Puri Sunia Resort
Ubud, Bali. 


1. The surroundings are gorgeous – you feel like you’re in a jungle. Ubud as an area is much more relaxing, it’s a lot greener and lusher. If that’s the type of holiday you’re after, then Ubud is the spot to go to.
2. The villas are much more traditional in design – thatched roofs, wooden furnishings and a canopy bed with mosquito net!
3. A beautiful outdoor bathroom adds to that jungle feel.
4. As a resort, the overall feeling is much more tranquil, offering walks, cycling and yoga.

1. If you do want to head into town, you have to take a 15 minute bus. The resort is quite a way out of Ubud Town Centre.
2. There is only one restaurant, so you’re limited with your dining options.
3. If you’re not very good with bugs – be careful! Ants come into your room at the sniff of food and there are creepy crawlies all in the garden. Mosquitos galore too. So be mindful!


If you’re looking for a personalised service, holidaying flexibility and a little bit more privacy, then the villa is the perfect option. I would suggest that the villa set up would suit couples, honeymooners or single travellers. Less confronting than the big chain hotels, you can certainly have a memorable getaway.

Live a little and book your next trip to Bali!



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