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ASOS is one of the leading online stores right now offering a huge selection of fashion for men and women, shoes, beauty products and accessories. Best of all, they have free shipping in Australia no matter what you spend AND 10% off for students!

Now, as everyone knows, I am a little bit cat mad – I am the ultimate crazy cat lady! If I see clothing, accessories, home wares or art that involves anything to do with cats, the chances are I will purchase immediately.

After a little bit of browsing on ASOS, I was delighted to find out that they have a number of products with a cat design! I am sure you can imagine how excited I got (my order has already been made) and I wanted to share with you all (and fellow cat freaks like me) what’s on offer.

All products can be found at and many thanks to ASOS for the pictures.

As much as I want to put on everything in one go, the trick is to choose one focal piece – my advise is do not go OTT with the cat prints, otherwise it may end up looking a little costumey. Cat and kitty designs definitely add a playful and fun element to your wardrobe, so if you’re a cat lover like me, hopefully there are a few ideas here to get you started.. I am sure Leo will be thrilled when my delivery arrives!

Let me know which products you like – or if you have seen any other kitty inspired fashion on the internet, feel free to share!

Happy shopping & live a little..

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